There are six seasons of vegetables


Early April is still too cold for fresh veg, so we continue to look to our cellars for hardy roots, their complex starches rendered sweet through the aging process, better now than they were when they went underground.

By May, with any luck, young shoots poke through the earth, just in time.  We all love beets and carrots, but the warmer weather has us craving tender and delicate greens.


We are a progressive, fast casual restaurant serving wood fire grilled meats and farm to counter sides inspired by the six seasons.

Four seasons are not enough to truly highlight produce in their peak.  Strawberries are only at their best for about a month, so a three month menu featuring strawberries would be too long to offer the fruit in it's finest form. 

We change our menu every two months, and get our vegetables directly from local organic farms wherever possible.

Aged roots and tender shoots

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216 Ossington Ave.

Toronto, Ontario 

M6J 2Z9

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